Felix Demin
Let me introduce myself

My name is Felix Demin, to keep it brief, I am:

👨💼 An entrepreneur, I have several businesses in different parts of the world.
My business companies

🗺 A traveller, I've been to 67 countries, had been living in China for 3 years and I've been living in Bali for 8 years now.
🏄 In love with surfing, I'm also keen on freediving, spiritual growth, extreme sport, rock climbing 🧗, alpinism 🏔 and volcano mountaineering 🌋, I'm a fan of personal development 🙏
I own 3 hotels in Bali:

Bubble Hotel Bali is a kind of hotel where you can book a transparent bubble for a night. According to, we are in the TOP10 world's most unique hotels; uses photos of my hotel to promote Bali destinations. Shootings for national TV and Hollywood take place there all the time, check out our Instagram
More classical real estate property.

IT Aggregator
Logistic companies IT Aggregator.
4 000 000+ users

La Perle Group Limited, Hong Kong, trading company

La Perle Group Limited
Company share: 100%
Company share: 100%
Company share: 100%
Construction company, investment in villas in Bali
Bali investments
Company share: 100%
The world's first villa in the premium segment from the fuselage of a Boeing 737 aircraft, located on a 150-meter cliff, overlooking the ocean.
Private Jet Villa
Private Jet Villa
Company share: 51%
Private Jet Villa
A unique villa in Bali. Externally and structurally, this is a jet aircraft that we have turned into a luxury hotel.
Founder: Felix Demin
Investor: Alexander Lebedev
"Former banker Alexander Lebedev invested in the Private Jet Villa project, a hotel-villa that serial entrepreneur Felix Demin is building on an Indonesian island. An old Boeing 737 lying on a rock is being converted into a villa"
about us
In Russia, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. There are quite ambitious, but I can't reveal everything just yet.

There are a few more projects

The question everybody asks at this moment
How can you make it?
I give a detailed answer in an article on my personal development system published in the "LifeHacker" blog. You can read the translate of article.

▶ There is a lot more I can tell but one article won't be enough. I'm more active on Instagram, you can also find me on Facebook, so feel free to subscribe
Make Bali Clean
Charitable project aimed at changing people's thinking and making the world a better place
Bali is the most extraordinary corner of our planet, where I am lucky enough to live. I love Bali immensely, for me Bali is my home.

Unfortunately, we have a huge waste management problem in Indonesia. Realizing this, I first tried to help clean the beaches myself, then I paid people to clean the beaches every week for the past few years. However, the amount of plastic waste is constantly growing, and I realized that simple beach cleaning is not a way out of this situation. Then I thought about what I can do to keep this beautiful nature clean of plastic waste.
And I realized that my actions eliminate the consequence, not the cause. I tried to find an answer to the question: "Why do many people litter and constantly use plastic?" The answer was not long in coming - they simply do not realize the problem of environmental pollution with plastic, just like I once did not realize the consequences of a thoughtlessly discarded plastic bag:
living things die from plastic waste
1 000 000 000
More than a billion seabirds, fish and mammals die each year from ingesting plastic waste.
450 years or more
More than
1 000 000 000
Toxic substances
Plastic bottles take 450 years or more to decompose, and plastic bags, that you use for only 12 minutes on average, take from 100 to 1000 years to decompose. It is easy to calculate that even your great-great-grandchildren will find the results of your thoughtless use of plastic, and, most likely, they will have to eliminate these dire consequences.
When plastic is burned, toxic substances are formed that are not excreted from the body and they may cause cancer. These harmful substances accumulate in the human body and they can also lead to infertility and congenital pathologies. Therefore, the next time you hear about a charity fundraising for a child with cancer or congenital pathologies, think about whether we were the reason...
This is why I have created
to raise people's awareness of the harmful effects of plastic use and change their attitude towards this problem. In my videos, I try to explain that using plastic is not as harmless as they actually think. These videos depict people highly respected in Indonesia - the healer and guardian of the Besakih temple, Manku Jati, and the King of Bali, Raja Anak Agung Ngurah Agung Bagus Erawan. Together we are working to promote these videos and increase their reach so that as many people as possible hear us and radically change their attitude towards the use of plastic in everyday life. After all, our habit can cost someone's life.

I would like more people to know and understand that we have the power to change our plastic habits.
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Felix Demin
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Felix Demin
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